New Website

2012-11-09 13:19:19 by R-Taco

Hey everybody! I have a website now:

R-Taco Toons is where I not only host animation I've done, but great animated shorts by other people that could use more love. I've also got a collection of some of the most horrifyingly bad animation you may ever see, and a handy-dandy resource of animating tips and tools.

The site's updated several times a week, so check back often. AND GO!

New Website

Animated Commissions

2012-10-22 16:54:12 by R-Taco

Who wants one?

Doing Commissions

2011-06-11 21:38:03 by R-Taco

Hey everybody, I'm doing commissions!

For $5, you get a drawing of up to two characters, colored & shaded. Or if you like, you can get a pencil sketch for just $1.

You can check out my artwork here:

PM me if you're interested!

Doing Commissions